Archive for May 24th, 2001

Worst User Interface EVER!

Sometimes you have to sit back and wonder what designers of software smoke when they design the User Interface (UI) for their software. If you have ever been forced to use a horrible piece of software, you know what I mean! When I found the Interface Hall of Shame, I instantly related with their experiences, tribulations, and feelings about the current crop of UIs in today’s software. This is especially so since I had a chance to play with Lotus Notes, which as the worst UI I have ever seen. However, I think this will help change things for the better, as software designers start to understand what they should be aiming for. What is the worst UI you have ever had the displeasure of using? Now tell me what you think.

The Next May’n Event Videos

There was a Tekken Tag Tournament about 1 1/2 weeks ago at Wizzards arcade in Detroit involving participants from several different states (and 2 countries — making it an international tournament). I recorded that tournament in its entirety. I am now taking preorders for tapes of that tournament along with 4 Tekken tournaments from the past. You can read more info and place an order if you like at this page. Now tell me what you think.