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Midwest Championships

I’ve posted a video of the Midwest Streetfighter Championships here. It’s between Alex Valle and Justin Wong. Very interesting if you’re even remotely interested in Marvel vs Capcom 2. Now tell me what you think.


Oh! Hot Deal! Playstation 2! Now tell me what you think.


Anyone that’s been talking to me when TV has come up knows that I love my TiVo. But my love for the machine pales in comparison to many. Those who take their TiVos apart to look around inside, add hard drives or network cards to them, enable features that are disabled to the normal user, and so on. Recently, some software was released that allows a person to transfer a video file saved on the TiVo to a computer. This has opened up a whole can of worms. Here is a good (and enjoyable) article describing TiVo, how the situation has come about, what may happen and more. Now tell me what you think.


If you can get past his cockiness conceitedness confidence in himself, then this becomes a VERY interesting, entertaining, well-written and frankly intriguing story. It documents the attacks that were carried out against this guy’s website, including denial of service, zombies, surveillance and a 13-year-old kid, among other things. It’s quite long, but very well worth it. I was almost on the edge of my seat as I read. Now tell me what you think.


My computer case has a fan mounted on the inside very near the side of the case. It blows onto the CPU. However, when the side is on the case, the back of the fan is nearly pressed up against the wall, allowing for very little intake to the fan. To solve the problem, I punched a hole in the side and mounted a grill and filter. Now the fan can suck all the air it wants from outside of the case. I was very happy with the results – more happy than I thought I’d be. It looks like it belongs.

You can see some professionally filmed and edited footage of the case with hole here. In case you can’t tell, I used a complex arrangement of magnets and yarn to get the front of the case to pop off as it does. Now tell me what you think.

Gravity schmavity

Itís a bird, itís a plane, it’s… Wojo! I’m going skydiving this Saturday from around 13,000-15,000 feet, and it will be my first plane ride ever (silly isn’t it?). Have you ever gone skydiving? If so, share your story! If not, explain yourself! This is also your chance to scare the heck out of me before I jump, you know… plant horrible thoughts into my head so when I get up there, I’ll freak out. I donít think Iím scared of heights, guess Iíll find out beyond a doubt soon enough! Now tell me what you think.


A new fad for advertisers apparently is “Pop-Under” ads. When you visit a website with one of these ads, a second window is opened but left behind the active window. So, when you close the main window, the ad is left for you to look at. You’ve probably seen at least once the ads for X10 (the mini-surveillance-camera thing). Those stupid ads seem to pop up everywhere. It’s quite tiresome. But there is a “solution” for the X10 ads. Go to this URL:
It will stop the ads from popping up for 999 days (although it says 30 days when you go there, I think it’s 999). Also, read a little more about the current state of Internet pop-up advertising. Now tell me what you think.


Man, this place is dead. I haven’t touched it for weeks. The forums have been replaced by AIM chats. My head’s gonna explode cause I’m too congested. I just started working full-time 2 weeks ago. I’m moving to an apartment in Flint (or Flint). I’m just too busy working on stuff for other people and taking care of life that I can’t work here. Priorities, I suppose. I think it’s time to slow down a bit. I have a coupon for free fish & chips! Now tell me what you think.


This weekend I went to CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) in Pittsburgh, visiting friends that are guests to the robotics institute.  I really enjoyed the CMU campus, which was very cool, and as it happens nearly deserted during the summer semester.  With I believe five universities in very close proximity to each other, you can tell things around town are tailored to that fact.  We stayed about a mile away from CMU, but unfortunately didnít get to see downtown Pittsburgh (about 10-15 minutes away).  A day and a half just isnít enough, and leaving at 4 pm combined with the 5 Ĺ hour drive guaranteed that we would have no daylight by the time we arrived late Friday.  Itís also a nice city to play urban Frisbee golf in (holes being ATM machines, landmarks, street lights and signs, et al., hehe.) Now tell me what you think.


I’m in Chicago today. In some tall office building. It looks over the lake and a bunch of other buildings. It’s quite neat. I drove here last night. I left at 10:30 and got in at 3am. The drive was pretty bad. I’ll talk about that later though. It’s time for lunch (finally). Now tell me what you think.

Later… Okay, lunch is done. The day’s almost over. I’ve been sitting at this empty desk for the entire day, and not a single person has approached me to see who I am or what I’m doing. People nod at me or say hi. Now people are giving me beer. I guess they drink beer here on Fridays. I guess I’ll go drink my beer now. Oh, the drive was horrible cause my car’s headlights aim into the ground. And it was raining and there were a ton of trucks. I need to go now though; the day’s over. I fell asleep in my chair.