Archive for June 1st, 2001


I’m in Chicago today. In some tall office building. It looks over the lake and a bunch of other buildings. It’s quite neat. I drove here last night. I left at 10:30 and got in at 3am. The drive was pretty bad. I’ll talk about that later though. It’s time for lunch (finally). Now tell me what you think.

Later… Okay, lunch is done. The day’s almost over. I’ve been sitting at this empty desk for the entire day, and not a single person has approached me to see who I am or what I’m doing. People nod at me or say hi. Now people are giving me beer. I guess they drink beer here on Fridays. I guess I’ll go drink my beer now. Oh, the drive was horrible cause my car’s headlights aim into the ground. And it was raining and there were a ton of trucks. I need to go now though; the day’s over. I fell asleep in my chair.