Archive for June 4th, 2001


This weekend I went to CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) in Pittsburgh, visiting friends that are guests to the robotics institute.  I really enjoyed the CMU campus, which was very cool, and as it happens nearly deserted during the summer semester.  With I believe five universities in very close proximity to each other, you can tell things around town are tailored to that fact.  We stayed about a mile away from CMU, but unfortunately didnít get to see downtown Pittsburgh (about 10-15 minutes away).  A day and a half just isnít enough, and leaving at 4 pm combined with the 5 Ĺ hour drive guaranteed that we would have no daylight by the time we arrived late Friday.  Itís also a nice city to play urban Frisbee golf in (holes being ATM machines, landmarks, street lights and signs, et al., hehe.) Now tell me what you think.