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Gravity schmavity

Itís a bird, itís a plane, it’s… Wojo! I’m going skydiving this Saturday from around 13,000-15,000 feet, and it will be my first plane ride ever (silly isn’t it?). Have you ever gone skydiving? If so, share your story! If not, explain yourself! This is also your chance to scare the heck out of me before I jump, you know… plant horrible thoughts into my head so when I get up there, I’ll freak out. I donít think Iím scared of heights, guess Iíll find out beyond a doubt soon enough! Now tell me what you think.


A new fad for advertisers apparently is “Pop-Under” ads. When you visit a website with one of these ads, a second window is opened but left behind the active window. So, when you close the main window, the ad is left for you to look at. You’ve probably seen at least once the ads for X10 (the mini-surveillance-camera thing). Those stupid ads seem to pop up everywhere. It’s quite tiresome. But there is a “solution” for the X10 ads. Go to this URL:
It will stop the ads from popping up for 999 days (although it says 30 days when you go there, I think it’s 999). Also, read a little more about the current state of Internet pop-up advertising. Now tell me what you think.