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I finally got the menus updated. They’re a little bit different now, although you probably can’t notice the difference. I added a link to the form to order Tekken videos and a link to the movie listings. I’ll soon be adding a link to the rest of the Midwest Championship MvC2 videos that I have.

Now the menus support a liquid design (one that fits the browser), which means I have an excuse to redesign. That will happen over the next bit of time. Wow, I need to move some bowels now. They’re very upset for some reason. Now tell me what you think.


Living in California with rolling blackouts would be a pain, but I’m tempted to move down there because of Papa John’s. No, not really. ~ Survivor UK looks interesting; I don’t think the US contestants had sex in the branches of a creaking tree though. Hmph, it always seems like European TV is more risqué than the US counterparts, doesn’t it? ~ Send free snail-mail! Now I just need a reason to do so. ~ Oh great, Yahoo is starting to use pop-under ad windows. That prompted me to downloaded PopUp Killer, hopefully it will get rid of those X10 and Discover card ads as well. ~ “No.” The famous last words of Alexander Graham Bell. Here are more famous last words of fictional and non-fictional people. ~ Finally, I wish I could of been there when it happened, I would be ROTCLOL (Rolling On The Concrete Laughing Out Loud)! ~ You’ve probably already seen the Guess the Dictator and/or TV Sit-Com Character web site, but now it’s just too good. It is taught from failed queries what the correct answer is, so the database is pretty complete right now. Try to stump it, I couldn’t. Now tell me what you think.


Remember Xiaoxiao #3, the really cool stick fighting animation? Well, Xiaoxiao #4 is out, and this time it’s an interactive game! Go play! Now tell me what you think.

Can you see me?

Note to self: People can still see you when you are naked… as in this case. It must only work in the movies (like Mystery Men), not in real life. Now tell me what you think.

Red Spider

This has to be the sweetest star I have ever seen. The dying Red Spider star was recently captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, which produced amazing pictures of the nebula created as the star dies. Not only does it look incredible, but this dying star also holds the status of being one of the hottest in the universe, burning at over 900,000 degrees F. I guess that’s kind of hot, but I swear my black leather car seats exceed that temperature in the summer. Now tell me what you think.

I’m dying!

“I’m dying! Help! Oh, the horrible pain! I’m dyyying!” cried the website. Now tell me what you think.

Interesting …

I’m very interested in how readers pronounce the following words: “library” / “libary,” “milk” / “melk,” “espresso” / “expresso,” and “interesting” / “intresting.” I’m becoming increasingly aggravated by the mispronunciation of everyday English words, in addition to the incorrect usage (and absence) of apostrophes, usage of double negatives, and so on. My aggravation for the last two is probably fueled by instant messaging, where finding someone that can speak English correctly (or at least tries actively), is as rare as hens’ teeth. What is your favorite bastardization of the English language? I’m sure I have made a few mistakes in this post that you can point out! =D Now tell me what you think.

Mg, Al, VW, oh my!

I’m going to build a fireball launcher (large picture), make and then burn some thermite (follow for videos), and then burn a magnesium alloy VW engine block (large picture) soon. It’s going to be extremely hazardous (safety is key!), very brilliant, and incredibly something else. Who wants to help?  Who thinks I’m crazy?  Tell me your thoughts!

Lucid Dreaming

To better utilize my time asleep, I started looking into lucid dreaming – which looks very intriguing… albeit a little freaky.  Here is a FAQ and a Fool’s Guide to Lucid Dreaming if you don’t already know what it is.  I haven’t had success at having a lucid dream just yet (as far as I know that is, since I can barely remember the dreams that I do have).  Have you ever had a lucid dream?  Have any tips or pointers? Now tell me what you think.