Archive for July 4th, 2001

Mg, Al, VW, oh my!

I’m going to build a fireball launcher (large picture), make and then burn some thermite (follow for videos), and then burn a magnesium alloy VW engine block (large picture) soon. It’s going to be extremely hazardous (safety is key!), very brilliant, and incredibly something else. Who wants to help?  Who thinks I’m crazy?  Tell me your thoughts!

Lucid Dreaming

To better utilize my time asleep, I started looking into lucid dreaming – which looks very intriguing… albeit a little freaky.  Here is a FAQ and a Fool’s Guide to Lucid Dreaming if you don’t already know what it is.  I haven’t had success at having a lucid dream just yet (as far as I know that is, since I can barely remember the dreams that I do have).  Have you ever had a lucid dream?  Have any tips or pointers? Now tell me what you think.