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Want Drugs? Play Games!

If you want games AND drugs, then you should make your way to Thailand. See, in America, you can go to shops or events and play multiplayer PC games with a bunch of other people, which is fun and everything. But, if you want drugs, then you have to bring your own! WTF?! What’s with that? Well, have no fear. Shops in Thailand give you drugs free of charge when you come in to play games! Yup, they just mix some amphetamines in with the drinking water, give it to you and voila! You’re feeling good. The best part is, they don’t even tell you you’re getting drugged up. The surprise is half the fun. When you collapse and realize that 72 hours of hardcore gaming have passed without sleep or food, you can have a hardy chuckle with the shopowners and fellow gamers about the drugs that were snuck into your body. Or you can just die like this guy. Either way, it’s a blast! Look out Thailand, here I come! (and a mighty thanks to Fox for the scoop on this story). Now tell me what you think.