I had my first massage class tonight. I’m taking a 16 week course to become a massage therapist. When the class is over, I’m eligible to take the national certification exam. I don’t want to do it for a living, well at least I have no desire to at this point, but it’s something that I would like to know. I’ve always enjoyed giving and receiving back and body rubs, so I thought I’d learn more. I really like the focus of these instructors. They try to make it about feeling the energy and harnessing and transferring that energy to the client. They actually made a point about not giving the client too much of your energy as you may weaken yourself. It was neat. I have homework due next class though. Although I am looking forward to it, because we’re trading massages every class for the next six weeks (2 classes per week). I was nervous when class started, but it turned out to be really nice. Much more fun/enjoyable than I imagined. But, it’s now time for me to go to the holiest of man’s places. I’ve been waiting all day for this moment, putting it off time and time again. So, I will grab some reading material and set myself down on a hopefully-not-too-cold seat. Wish me luck. Now tell me what you think.

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