I would say that my tolerance for gruesome or violent footage is fairly low. I have no desire to desensitize myself enough to be able to watch much of the stuff that is out there. I’ve managed to stomach the occasional guy getting run over or shot or stabbed or puked on, but it’s not without my stomach feeling uneasy for a while and the blood leaving my legs. Now, there’s a bit of controversy over a video clip from Korea showing two kittens being killed, prepared and cooked. The outrage is growing. I’ll add my opinions later when I decide what they are. You can find a link to the site and then the video from that article if you’re interested. I don’t feel like linking directly to the site. I barely like going to the site.. too much porn and stuff everywhere. I haven’t had the courage yet to watch the kitty video. I’ll let ya know if I do. Or let me know if you do. Now tell me what you think.

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