Archive for August 31st, 2001

It’s a Rubix!

Remember the Rubix cube? Well, recently I saw this. Wow, huh? But then I saw this. Pretty neat, huh? So you see, soon that can be you and all this won’t be so amazing anymore. Now tell me what you think.

Lego my leg

Prepare yourself for an adventure like you have never before experienced. In an unprecedented event… LIVE via webcam access… you can watch me amputate my legs with a homemade guillotine on October 31st! (Someone give me money to watch this, because I won’t pay for it myself. – Ed)

In related news, legs seem to be in high demand. Those are some nice legs, I have to say… Now tell me what you think.

Burn baby burn!

What kid didn’t fry ants with a magnifying glass when he was little? Well lets step it up a notch to a simulation of a city. Is it wrong that I find that incredibly fun? Heh, I now seem to have a renewed interest in buying a giant fresnel lens and burning things. Now tell me what you think.

Mushrooming Population of India

So how do you stop an entire nation from doing the nasty? Simple – subsidize the cost of televisions and create a nation of couch potatoes! That’s exactly what India, who just recently crossed the one billion population mark last May, wants to do. Read more about it here. Hmm, now that I think about it, you know what would be even more effective? Give them a TiVo, and a computer with cheap broadband. 😉 They’ll be down to negative population growth in no time flat! Now tell me what you think.