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Bathroom Light

On a lighter note, I was in the bathroom this afternoon minding my own business, letting the boys play in the water, when someone comes in, shuts off the light and leaves. I chuckled at first, but then realized I was in a bit of a predicament. It was the sort of sitting that needed more-or-less precise paper action. I had to accomplish this in the dark, having to guess at my accuracy since I couldn’t check the paper. To make the long story short, I made it out clean and unstained. I think for the future I either need a light in the toilet as a precaution or a ghost who’s willing to turn the light on for me. Now tell me what you think.

The End?

December 7th, 1941 is a day that will live in infamy. 2,403 American died on that day during the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Today, September 11th, 2001 however, the estimates tell us over 10,000 dead (9/16 – thank god, looks like the estimates were off, but the death toll is still around 5,000, no less tragic. – Ed).

That shows the gravity of this situation, especially when this time the attacks were deep inside US soil, and the targets were largely innocent civilians.

Itís nothing less than an act of war, and what could happen in the near future because of this scares the crap out of me. If the goal of the terrorists was to induce shock and fear into us, they have done so quite effectively.

Anyway, take a look at the chronology of the attacks, and more information and links regarding the terrorist attacks. Lets all hope that no more devastating events are added to the timeline. Now tell me what you think.

4:30 PM: You can see the actual dust cloud on radar (cached image from 4:30 PM) over NYC. I think this is the smoke from Washington (cached image from 4:44 PM).

World Trade Center

Wow.. from memepool: Scenario-12-d is a plan to crash a plane into the World Trade Center in order to cause unrest between America and other countries in order to increase arms sales.”

And this was The World Trade Center.. this is a view of what happened.

And there was the World Trade Center bombing (1 2 3) in 1993..

And now what do we do?tell me what you think.


‘This is one of those few days in life that one can actually say will change everything.’ -EU External Relations Commissioner Chris Patten

We all know the news. Think about it some more. Do more than think. Put yourself there. Put yourself in the airplane when the hijackers reveal themselves. Put yourself in the building as it shakes and falls apart. Put yourself on the ground as flaming chunks land all around you. Close your eyes. Just imagine it for a minute. Just think. It’s unimaginable. It can’t be real, but it is. Now tell me what you think.

Terrorist Attacks

*stunned* I don’t know what to say today. Now tell me what you think.