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Satellite Images and Relief Effort

Here are some NASA satellite images of the attacks: One Two Three.

Also, if you haven’t already, please donate blood (especially if you are type O) and/or money to the Red Cross relief efforts. Even $1 helps, and if you can give more, that’s great. When I was there it was at over $1,300,000, and going up at a rate of nearly $2,000 per minute! (9/13 11PM – it’s currently up to $3.7 million, from 104,000 individuals like you helping!) Now tell me what you think.

The Second

This is the most amazing (read: worst?) of all the videos I’ve seen. I think the sound is what does it. There are no words. Unreal. Now tell me what you think.

More News

I’m getting chills looking at the aftermath.

Here is a Usenet posting to alt.prophecies.nostradamus (fixed on 9/12, more discussions on the message) cached on Google prophesizing the events that took place on 9/11/01. The subject of the posting was “911”. The poster’s name is Xinoehpoel, or “Leo Pheonix” backwards, the bird that raises from the ashes, and the astrological sign is the lion. Combine that with this… well, I’m freaked. Maybe it’s some sort of Egyptian lion sphynx connection. The e-mail address is tesnal@psl.moc, an anagram for And the same person said “Wait 7 days, and then maybe I’ll answer this post. You see, I am going away in seven days, and you will not hear from me again.” on 9/4 (4+7=11 for those that don’t want to think.)

Also this morning: NEW YORK (Reuters) – Authorities in Massachusetts have identified five Arab men as suspects in Tuesday’s attack on New York City and have seized a rental car containing Arabic-language flight training manuals at Logan International Airport, a source told the Boston Herald newspaper. Two of the men were brothers whose passports were traced to the United Arab Emirates, the unidentified source told the Herald. One of the men was a trained pilot, the paper reported on its Web site on Wednesday. (link). Reports are also in of 800 dead at the Pentagon alone, up from an early estimate of 100.

Watch the events unfold from the flight paths replayed. Mirror of videos and pictures.

Why the World Trade Centre collapsed. This is another link that explains that the outter latticework was load bearing. Combine that with the heat, kinetic energy of fall floors, and well, the rest is as we say, history.

Stratfor – Intelligence for Indviduals. One of the best sources out there for an analysis of these events, as they happen. Salon has some excellent first hand stories as well. has stopped their services (pop-under banners) during this time. And I’ll leave with some geeky humor found on /.: rm -rf /bin/laden Now tell me what you think.