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Seriously people, all the Nostradamus crap is FAKE. I’ve been told and emailed the same 3 quotes and variations thereof too many times. Don’t tell me one more thing about it, or I’ll predict something is about to go up your … Now tell me what you think ().

Thank You

Thank You.

The Encryption Wars

And so begins the encryption wars.

Oh crap, I sense a rant coming. *short awkward pause* I think you’ve heard the saying “when encryption is outlawed, only outlaws will use encryption.” What part of that doesn’t Congress seem to understand? You can’t stop these easy-to-implement mathematical algorithms that already exist in public domain! I have the RSA algorithm printed on my t-shirt; will it be illegal to wear or own it? And how the hell do they plan on getting criminals and terrorists to use encryption with backdoors (key escrow)? They, and not to mention the rest of the world don’t follow U.S. laws as it is! Why on earth would they want to let others read their private communications? My head is seriously about to explode! It’s a knee-jerk reaction by politicians, and I fear many more will follow. I do not want to see our civil liberties dissolve, and I think Benjamin said it quite well in 1759:

“They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” — Benjamin Franklin

Now tell me what you think.

The Americans

Gordon Sinclair’s broadcast, “America: The Good Neighbor” has been floating around on the Internet quite a bit, via e-mail and instant messaging. I’d like to share the transcript with you (or listen to it with Real Audio) with those that haven’t yet read it, and clear up the history behind his broadcast.

Listening to the reactions from people that have heard the broadcast is quite awe-inspiring. Recent events of heroism and self-sacrifice have made us all proud to be an American, and this broadcast has managed to strengthen that, bringing back something some of us havenít felt for a long time. The message contained in the broadcast is still as powerful, if not more than it was nearly thirty years ago. Now tell me what you think.