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Attention flyers, we’ll be doing a loop de loop to disable the terrorists now

For the first time since the attacks on Tuesday, I don’t actually feel that scared to fly anymore. The reason? A United Airlines pilot’s pre-flight statement [pilfered from Neoflux]. It’s amazing what a few words and the resolve of a strong, proud nation can do. Now tell me what you think .

So if I win, I get to …

Remember the story about the mixing of drugs with video games in Thailand shops posted by Forgo about a month ago? (What? You don’t remember? Then click here first) Well, it doesn’t just stop there! Looks like the youth of Thailand are using sex with the loser’s girlfriend as a prize in video game competitions. Is it me, or do things there seem really out of whack, especially with regards to video games? In any case, I think I need to brush up on my mad gaming skillz. Now tell me what you think .