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Laser view of WTC

Some fascinating shots of the WTC site before and after. First read at Slashdot, got pictures from NY Times, can find out how it works at BBC.

What Really Happened?

This guy certainly can spin a fantastically huge ball of yarn. If nothing else, it’s an intriguing view of the recent terrorist (or “terrorist” as he would say) attacks and seemingly impending war that will result. Is this whole event a government conspiracy? Is it simply a means to further the motives of government officials? Is bin Laden working for the CIA? Were the identities of the hijackers misrepresented so as to conceal the government’s involvement? The ball just keeps getting bigger and bigger and more full of yarn. But perhaps you like yarn and would like to know what really happened.


In an effort to be complete, I’m going to put up the rest of my SF Midwest Championship footage. It’s been a loong time, but it still may entertain a few bored people out there. I’ve put up what I had previously posted about on Shoryuken plus about another hour of selected qualifying footage. You can find it here and under the media menu above.

Gum bad!

Don’t you just hate it when you step on a big wad of chewing gum? Sure, it’s relatively easy to get off your shoe, but how the heck do you get it off the streets? Imagine yourself in the United Kingdom with over 19 million gum chewers, chewing nearly 1 billion packs of gum a year. Do you scrape or freeze it off the sidewalks? Hey, what about using harsh chemicals! Wait a second… it’s the 21st century… why not use lasers! Check out ZeroGum, a laser powered street gum remover! It disintegrates the gum by blasting it with a laser heating up the nasty sticky mess to 180 degrees Celsius. Too cool. I have to admit, I’ve been sort of addicted to Eclipse gum lately (this coming right after an Altoids obsession). It gives you such a nice quick burst of freshening that lasts and lasts!