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Attention flyers, we’ll be doing a loop de loop to disable the terrorists now

For the first time since the attacks on Tuesday, I don’t actually feel that scared to fly anymore. The reason? A United Airlines pilot’s pre-flight statement [pilfered from Neoflux]. It’s amazing what a few words and the resolve of a strong, proud nation can do. Now tell me what you think .

So if I win, I get to …

Remember the story about the mixing of drugs with video games in Thailand shops posted by Forgo about a month ago? (What? You don’t remember? Then click here first) Well, it doesnít just stop there! Looks like the youth of Thailand are using sex with the loser’s girlfriend as a prize in video game competitions. Is it me, or do things there seem really out of whack, especially with regards to video games? In any case, I think I need to brush up on my mad gaming skillz. Now tell me what you think .

Obsession with News

Pamela Lee Anderson, step aside… Osama bin Laden, here I come! Sex? Blech, give me some of that hot news! Now tell me what you think .

I hate school.

Before last Tuesdayís attacks occurred, I decided I was going to take a history class on the Middle East for a cultural studies credit. Itís turning out to be a very informative class, especially with all the current events in the Middle East region. However, something the professor told us today worried me: he mentioned that if you donít think you can study 9 hours a week (for this class alone), then you should consider dropping it. My god, 9 hours of studying per week for one class! I havenít studied that much thus far in the current semester (three weeks). Heck, I think Iíve made it entire 14 week semesters without studying for that long. Oh heavens, what to do? Now tell me what you think .

Rubik’s Mayhem

The Rubik’s Cube craziness continues. Watch this guy solve his cube in just under 18 seconds. Then there’s this guy who solves his in about 17, and his friend who solves it in a “slow” 40 seconds. And of course that original video from a few weeks ago. It’s fun to start them all at the same time and pretend they’re racing. My best time so far is 1 minute 15 seconds. It was a fluke though. My average is about 2:30, with the best times usually falling around 2 minutes. And I left my cube somewhere over the weekend. I need to get it back. Now tell me what you think ().


If you haven’t seen the extremely high resolution satellite photographs of the WTC and Pentagon (source: Space Imaging), I suggest you take a look. Keep on clicking on ‘Zoom in’ to see something that is well, just … inconceivable. Now tell me what you think ().

Funny ole George!

Sometimes George makes me laugh:

“When I take action, I’m not going to fire a $2 million missile at a $10 empty tent and hit a camel in the butt. It’s going to be decisive.”
– President George W. Bush

Now tell me what you think ().

What country are we in again?

On a national day of mourning, the employees at NCCI were forced to pull down the American flags displayed at their cubicles. This company is located in the United States. Iím shocked that this even happened. Now tell me what you think ().

Cell Phones

Own a cell phone? Start following the Cell Phone Ten Commandments and maybe I won’t bash your cell phone into the pavement. Now tell me what you think ().


Now that you know about oil and filters, lets clear up a few myths regarding premium / high octane gasoline, the size of your pipe, and a few about the tires your car rides on.

Did you click on all three of those? Okay, great! Now that we have those myths dispelled we can move on to the juicy part where you will learn about the difference between horsepower and torque. What are you waiting for, click it! It’s extraordinary information for your … uhm, crap, that squishy thing inside your melon. Now tell me what you think ().