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May the farce be with you

The US has always behind in adopting new ideologies compared with other parts of the world, but surely we arenít behind on ridiculous religionsÖ or are we? Well take for instance the recent changes in the 2001 United Kingdom Census form. Notice the item under the religion section; more specifically number 896 on page 13. Itís the Jedi Knight religion. Yes you heard correctly, Jedi Knight. Star Wars freaks can finally be given the recognition they deserve! Hey, I would become one when they give me a real lightsaber after joining up, that would be cool. Oh only if Jedi Master Yoda could see us now! Proud he would be. Mmmm, mmmm!

Erasing History

Okay, Hollywood is editing out the WTC towers from movies and TV shows because of what happened on Sep 11th, we all know about that. There have been a few occurrences already, but when I saw this one today, I was driven to see what you thought about the recent motives of Hollywood.

A few movies I know about that have been affected are Spider Man, Zoolander, Serendipity, Men in Black 2, reruns of Seinfeld and Law and Order, and even Conan has draped a curtain over the Manhattan skyline backdrop until a new one is built. If youíre watching reruns of The Sopranos like I am, youíll even notice that the intro shows Tony looking at the WTC towers in one of his mirrors in his car (that hasnít been edited outÖ yet). None of these contained the city Ďunder attack,í unlike the new Jackie Chanís movie Nosebleed for example.

Columbia Pictures chairman Amy Pascal, for one, has warned of a “hysterical overreaction.”

“There’s an immediate reaction when your mind gets flooded with all sorts of worrisome things – where you start to find that the Twin Towers exist when there are two l’s in a title,” she said recently.

There are those who believe the sudden appearance of the World Trade Center in a film is a reminder of the pain and suffering moviegoers are trying to forget. (New York Post)

*gets on the soapbox* Getting uncomfortable from having Ďllís in the title? I hope she is kidding. Never mind that, why are we trying to forget what happened? I donít know, maybe itís just me but when I see pictures of the WTC towering in movies (such as Men in Black which Iím watching right now), I feel proud of what they were! They were a sign of Americaís might and prosperity! Yes, I understand that around 5,500 lives were lost in the attacks, but I donít think that means we should pretend that the towers never existed and erase them, especially from existing works! No matter how much they erase and alter, Iíll try not forget. What about you?


Hmm, there’s some dust on my car… wonder if I should report it to the CDC like others have. Maybe I’ll buy some protection, even though it’s not recommended.

Think you could spot a terrorist when you see one? Test your knowledge at Terrorist or Not! And remember, there are always alternate forms of diplomacy that we could try.

At least we you can sleep soundly knowing that we have dedicated soldiers at our air bases around the world protecting life as we know it.