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WTC Comedy

With so many movies and tv shows getting the images of the WTC towers removed (which I agree is very stupid), there is now talk of a new tv show based on the WTC attack itself. Now that’s more like it. The attacks should not be forgotten. They should not be avoided. And it seems people may be realizing it:

But with the good reception accorded the special episode of the The West Wing and the high demand for terrorist-themed flicks like Die Hard and The Siege at video stores, Moonves says that maybe he and his rivals might have jumped the gun in avoiding the subject.


The easiest way to feel like you’ve accomplished something is to set your goals very, very low. And once you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do, you can relax for a while knowing you’ve done something good. Take for instance this last Saturday. My goal was very simple. I had spent the last 2 weeks getting next to no sleep every night. I had to fix it. I had to feel better. What better way to not feel tired than sleeping? So that was it! I’d sleep Saturday. That was my goal. I am proud to say that I attacked the problem with passion and succeeded. I woke up on Saturday at about 5pm, refreshed and invigorated. On top of that, all of my goals for that day had been accomplished! I was free to waste the rest of the day doing nothing. So you see, set your goals low, and you’ll always be happy and successful.