The easiest way to feel like you’ve accomplished something is to set your goals very, very low. And once you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do, you can relax for a while knowing you’ve done something good. Take for instance this last Saturday. My goal was very simple. I had spent the last 2 weeks getting next to no sleep every night. I had to fix it. I had to feel better. What better way to not feel tired than sleeping? So that was it! I’d sleep Saturday. That was my goal. I am proud to say that I attacked the problem with passion and succeeded. I woke up on Saturday at about 5pm, refreshed and invigorated. On top of that, all of my goals for that day had been accomplished! I was free to waste the rest of the day doing nothing. So you see, set your goals low, and you’ll always be happy and successful.

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  1. 1 snobes

    Fargo yo,
    you seek to obtain more sleep-try hooking up with some opium or gulp a couple swigs of kava-straight from the land of the fijians before hitting the sack-lay off the cheap grocery store uppers.
    for it is peaceful and simplstic to establish within-your-reach-at-the-tip-of-your-finger goals but for a % of us out there it is impossible to sit back in pure ease and contentment after conquering a feat so minor. it is hard to appreciate the dainty positive when it is being hovered by the roaring negative. for some of us will always be uncontent in the long run, chasing that far-fetched dream when in reality, we are far too focused on the ficticious falters then on the possible possesing of these images. all of the problems could melt insecurities into a butter of appreciation if one could just step out of the fantasy cloud land and learn to be happy with their lives. quit staring into the past and struggling to know the future, find the happy present-suck in the moment and don’t bite your lip in the process. for the biggest problem is the relying on a place, or a person to achieve this happiness. it is no where else but inside-the true origin-
    anyway thumbs up to the goal you’ve accomplished mr. forgo and for surrounding yourself with pride-
    i personally slept until about 3 pm that same day, awoke to the drear streaming through my only one foot by two foot window in my bedroom-feeling depressed and robbed of progressing at anything that day-only to continue to bust ass doing homework and anxiously await the following fun-filled day of cleaning up the streets of cracktown as a result of the need to escape the uptight state of sobriety through the means of a 22 ouncer of labatt’s.
    maybe i should hang out with your sparkling optimism more often.
    anyways my opinion are new to the site so judge as needed but none-of -the-less these writings are
                   -deep thoughts by j snobes

  2. 2 forgo

    Ah yes, words from the wise.

    I don’t think my problem is an inability to sleep. It is more along the lines of lack of desire to sleep or lack of motivation to sleep. I will search for anything when the time comes to avoid actually going to sleep. My mind works on a different level during those hours, one which I enjoy.

    But what makes a feat minor? or major? For me, getting sleep is not as minor a feat as it may seem. I just can’t seem to give myself the time I need to get sleep. It’s quite a feat to make time to do it. Although, I suppose the actual act of doing it isn’t too tough.

    The negative always roars. You can always find it right next to you, sitting and waiting to be heard. As soon as you turn your attention towards it or give it just a moment of your time, it will consume you. Deafen you with its screams. You must listen intently to the positive. The more you focus on it, the louder and more clear it becomes. Before long, the negative moves on to someone else, knowing it will never get your attention.

    Then you take that positive with you everywhere. And it’s a strange thing, but it seems to attract the juiciest parts of life right to you. You don’t even have to try. The greatest appreciation for all things around and within you come so easily and naturally. If only everyone could reach that point. It’s a shame that so many never will. People that can are rare and should be treasured.

    But, that’s all just my opinion, for whatever that’s worth.

    Yeah, sobriety can be a bitch.

    And, you have an open invitation to hang out with my optimism. It always enjoys a good visitor.

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