The FBI is considering using torture tactics on suspects who are keeping silent. I donít know about this, it just seems wrong, very wrong. Do these desperate times call for desperate measures, or do we attempt other civilized methods of getting the truth? What if there are no other choices but to torture? All hard questions.

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  1. 1 MrAnonymous

    I didn’t read the article, so my comment is uninformed.  I think the only thing that they really need to watch out for is avoiding permanent damage to the body.  Obviously "cruel and unusual punishment" doesn’t apply because this isn’t punishment.  It’s interrogation.  If these guys walk away with broken bones, the FBI has gone too far.  If their skin is falling off, that’s too far.  I think the FBI knows how to act within reason.  They are too buerocratic to screw this one up.  Especially now that it’s in the press.

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