Starting today and lasting for 2 weeks, I can only drink water, milk and beer. Beer was thrown in there not to be a primary beverage, but to allow the consumption of alcohol in a situation that may require it. Why you ask? I decided that life needed to be a little different for a while. So, I composed 6 options and randomly chose one with the roll of a die (the very good book The Dice Man being the inspiration for that). Water, milk, beer it was. I’m already looking forward to the next 6 options. Oh, the possibilities!

8 Responses to “Beverages”

  1. 1 Bonesaw


  2. 2 forgo

    MMmmm.. water.

  3. 3 forgo

    Mmmm.. Milk.

  4. 4 wojo

    What about fruit juices, chocolate milk, and hard liquor?

  5. 5 forgo

    What about them? I can’t have them. I supposed it wasn’t specified, but white milk was implied – any type, although I drink skim. Water is water. Beer is beer. Liquor is not beer.

  6. 6 wojo

    Hmm.  I see.

    What about foods that contain liquids not specified in your list?  For example, foods cooked in wine, or Jello shots, Dr. Pepper brownies?  

    What about 100% apple cider stuff, all natural?  Can you eat apples alone, just not the liquified version?

    That leads to: can you use a juicer machine to create drinks from solid foods?  It’s the same materials, not even changed chemically, just in form.

    Can you freeze liquids and eat them as solids?

    So many loopholes!

  7. 7 Fox

    What about fresh squeezed rat?  How can you go without it?!?!?


  8. 8 forgo

    Can I freeze a liquid and then suck on it? I would say yes. Because I’m not drinking it, I’m eating it. You don’t drink a popsicle, you eat one (or perhaps suck it, but that’s still not drinking). Can I have liquid forms of fruits? No. You don’t eat fruit juice, you drink it. But in the end, any loopholes are irrelevant as I’m doing this for myself and determine the rules based on how I feel about it.

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