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Hmm, there’s some dust on my car… wonder if I should report it to the CDC like others have. Maybe I’ll buy some protection, even though it’s not recommended.

Think you could spot a terrorist when you see one? Test your knowledge at Terrorist or Not! And remember, there are always alternate forms of diplomacy that we could try.

At least we you can sleep soundly knowing that we have dedicated soldiers at our air bases around the world protecting life as we know it.

Random Junk

Oh yeah, that seems like a great way to spend tax dollars Germany! ~ What the heck are you wearing?! You need a real pimp hat, the one you’re wearing/have/had/want just sucks. Hmm, yep, you need the wonderbum too. Oh, and while you’re at it get a geeky vest. It’ll all match, I swear. ~ Who wouldn’t want to set up their home network with Styx playing in the background? Don’t answer that. ~ Taliban Twister!


The CIA finally gets an operative near bin Laden, and we blow his cover!


Weve been spelling his name incorrectly all along. According to linguistics and grammar experts, even CNN and other news organizations are spelling his name incorrectly. Does it really matter? Hes still a dead man.

Sony is Evil

The music industry is looking to block the recording of watermarked content in your sound card, adding protection on your hard drive to prevent copying of copyrighted music, and moving for more rigid laws (yes, even more so than the DMCA). Read about it here from The Register. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say that Sony is evil. I think the article said it best:

We’ll leave the last, chilling word to Sony Music Entertainment’s Steve Heckler: “Once consumers can no longer get free music, they will have to buy the music in the formats we choose to put out.” You have been warned.


Guess what? You can call me DSL Boy from now on!

Not Tired

The time is 4:30 AM, I’m not the least bit tired, and I have to be up in 4 hours. I do this during the weekdays, and then crash during the weekends. I think I really need to readjust my sleeping schedule.