Archive for November 15th, 2001


Just a reminder to myself that I want to check out the storm this weekend. Anyone want to join me? I wonder where the best local vantage point would be. (first saw at Geeklife)

South Park

Damn, South Park was great. I feel fortunate to have been able to watch it TWICE last night, as my TiVo is out of commission at the moment. Have they all been as funny? I missed just about the entire last season. I seem to remember them being not as funny, so I drifted away. But damn, that was good.

Music Tick

My music collection had outgrown my storage means, so I had to expand. Now I need to organize the music. It is quite a chore. I believe I’m going to create 27 or so directories (A,B,…,Y,Z,0-9), sorted by Artist. We’ll see how that goes.

And everyone watch The Tick tomorrow! Because I said so, and I’m right. Do it.