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Well, I was bored so I checked the links over there on the right. And who could resist this? Which led to this. And, well, yup, that’s just something I didn’t want to know. I mean, I knew. But I didn’t know. Now I just want to go back to what I knew, which wasn’t as much.

American Flags

To tell you the truth, I get a little whiff of inspiration and pride when I’m driving down the highway and see American flags on 2/3 of the vehicles. That’s a nice feeling. But when some dumbass is flying a big flag above their very strange van-looking vehicle and driving like a total and completely clueless idiot, I’m reminded that America is still full of more than it’s share of morons. Flying the flag doesn’t mask their idiocy, it just reflects it upon the country. Oh well, at least they get credit for being patriotic and supportive… which is good.. right?