Archive for November 22nd, 2001

Laying down a bit of (internet) history on yo ass

Visit the Internet Archive, it’s seriously amazing! They have been archiving the Internet since 1996, and have over 100 TB and 11 billion pages archived. I typed in some random pages, and found Hotmail when it was known as HoTMaiL, lol. Check it out.

Creative PlayCenter

Creative recently changed the way they handle software for the Nomad line of mp3 players. You can no longer download the PlayCenter software upgrades. So if you bought the player early (like me), then you’re stuck with the old version of PlayCenter which doesn’t work with XP and sucks in general and have no way to upgrade. To get the new version you have to request a CD (that isn’t available yet) and pay shipping. Or I’ve found that you can still download the newest version here:


We went to this last night. GMS was good. It was strange though because he didn’t really spin. He had no CDs or records that I could see. His whole set was apparently programmed into an iBook (with mp3s?), so he didn’t really have to touch it throughout the night. But then he also had various keyboards and effects generators and such hooked up which he played with all night. Definitely the best part though was when he put in parts of the Requiem for a Dream overture. I don’t know if it was a remix or if he was just mixing things in, but it was fuckin fantabulous. So good. I wish it was a remix, and I could get it. But I’m doubtful after looking for it for a while.