Now that I’ve seen it / Ginger / Segway (I TiVoed the 7am Good Morning America), I’m not sure what to think yet. It’s just a scooter… or is there more to it? Do I need to actually use one in order to fully realize its potential? Well, in any case it’s not something I would ever need, since I’m pretty much 20 miles from everything… yet I’m still a sucker for high-tech toys! What about you, do you want the Segway now that you know what it is?

4 Responses to “It”

  1. 1 Bonesaw

    Mannnn.. Those things are sweet…And they look cool as well…Up to 18 miles per hourd…This device will help Americans have a bright, Fat future…No More Walking!!!  

  2. 2 GeekBoy

    Man….what a waste…

  3. 3 wojo

    Hehe.  Oh, [url=]offical product[/url] link that someone sent me.

    It makes sense inside of companies where they sometimes use golf carts.  This would be a perfect replacement for those clunky devices.

    Ohhhh, only if it was $150.

  4. 4 wojo

    It was only a matter of time until [url=]THIS[/url]!  ROTFLOL!

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