Dave Thomas

I heard on the radio that Dave Thomas (of Wendy’s) died. Could it be true? Yup, it is. Must’ve had a few too many triple classics.

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  1. 1 tinMan

    heheh, triple classic, double the meat. grease heaven. i would know.

    oh, wendy’s owns tim hortons too. this better not affect my boston cream donuts.

  2. 2 forgo

    Really? I heard Tim Horton’s was a Canadian company. They accept Canadian money… sometimes.

    Is that double the meat thing actually on the menu? Or is it a ‘hidden’ trick?

  3. 3 wojo

    I’m eating Wendy’s right now … *sniffle*  Number 6, good stuff…

    Oh, Tim Horton’s is big in Canada isn’t it?  They are [i]everywhere[/i] up there.  Anyway, if you visit http://www.wendys-invest.com/ you will have all your questions answered.

  4. 4 Protomic

    Hey I’m from Canada and yeah, we got Tim Horton’s flying all over the place up here. Theres one right near my house and another one across the intersection on the opposite corner of the road.

  5. 5 forgo

    Has Canada gone pharmacy mad, also? You can run into a pharmacy every block around here. Within 3 square miles, theres 5 Rite Aids, along with a bunch of other pharmacies mixed in. It’s just wrong.

  6. 6 Protomic

    Actually, yes! There’s a "Shopper’s Drugmart" pharmacy around the block, and they’ve just opened another 3! We have pharmacies in our shopping malls, and thats just not right.

  7. 7 tinMan

    wendy’s bought tim hortons

    hidden trick? yeah, you eat out the girl behind the counter. thats what they call a classic triple double the meat there. but if it’s a guy…

    seriously, you can only do it when they have those double the meat promotions and even then, only sometimes. i’ve been denied it b4.

  8. 8 forgo

    Oh.. it’s a limited-time promotion thing that they occasionally offer? Like 5 for $5 roast beef? Or 3 jars of peanut butter for $1?

  9. 9 tinMan

    yessireebob, you know your promotions.

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