Ads Away!

Oh my, one more before I go because everyone needs this (assuming it works). Get rid of all those annoying popup ads from all those companies you now hate by opting out!

3 Responses to “Ads Away!”

  1. 1 GeekBoy

    Yay, this is cool, cause it actually does something. Opting out via e-mail is actually another ploy by the advertisers to confirm the e-mail address they’re sending sapm to. Good job, forgo.

  2. 2 tinMan

    man, i thought i was the only one who knew about the hungersite.

    anyways – Be sure to check out our other fien array of crap. lol

  3. 3 HannibalSmith

    Add your name to the mailing list to be notified of new entries.

    Ok? Sure! Just change your Hosts file in SYSTEM32ETC..

    There are more details at:

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