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This is classic.

My next monitor!

I wonder if I can run a few of these in multimon configuration!


Damn hippies. Does this mean PETA will be put in the same category as the Al Qaeda?

James Jarboe, the domestic terrorism chief of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division, said during testimony at the hearing that ELF and the related Animal Liberation Front have caused more than $43 million in damage in more than 600 attacks since 1996, including the firebombing of the Vail ski resort in 1998, which did $12 million in damages. The FBI calls both groups terrorist operations.


I’ve been playing a fair amount of chess recently, which has led me to look at famous chess strategies and players. I’m reading a book about Garry Kasparov, which made me think about a movie I really like, Searching for Bobby Fischer, when then prompted me to look for more information about Fischer. I didn’t know he was this kind of person nor that I may actually be playing against him online nor the details of his single return match in 1992 after hiding for 20 years. He’s such a fascinating person. I feel somewhat less motivated to read about Kasparov now, but I’ll still try.

The Future

I’ve seen the technology timeline for the future, and now you can too!


We always get really annoyed by the jellyfish when we visit North Carolina. It sometimes gets to the point where you can see dozens in every wave that comes towards the shore. It’s really annoying and sometimes painful (when you get stung on certain tender regions), but we’ve never had to fear them.

Stupid little jellyfish. Next time I see a jellyfish, I’m gonna kick its ass. I know. I’ll tie it up to some stakes on the beach, then when its friends come to rescue it, I’ll get them too! I’ll be like, “You stupid jellyfish! I tricked you!” Then I’ll laugh for a while. Haha! A flawless plan. I may need some backup though. Are you in?