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Search for a Good Male

So, I need a lot of meat and some good semen. Luckily, ‘Semen is available’ here.

Jury Duty

I hardly get any important mail these days, throwing out probably 99% of it… but today a letter caught my attention: “SUMMONS/ORDER TO APPEAR” … I’ve been ordered to be available for jury duty, AHHHHHHHH! I really don’t want to sit in a god damn room with a hundred other people for two days bored out of my mind, and then potentially be selected for a trial after that. Ugh!

Hey Baby

I really hate that Hey Baby song by No Doubt. It aggravates the piss out of me. I don’t know a single person who likes that song. They all strongly dislike it. And yet, it’s still played on the radio way too much. Please make it stop.


It all began here (from Kuro5hin).


Heh, just testing out the ‘life’ category. Man, it’d be neat if I could actually post something interesting in this section, but I got nothing. Anyway, back to another all-nighter of studying because I procrastinated like a motherfucker – yet again. Only a few weeks left though, and I’m DONE. Maybe I’ll have something after I get out of this rut.

Jamaican Happy Plant

I’m cutting alcohol out of my diet. No more beer or liquor; it’s too harmful to my system. I’m now switching over to the more healthy stuff. My body thanks me. And on another note, I knew it!

New Look

Good? Bad? Could care less? I’ve gotten an almost 50/50 reponse to it. Some like the new, cleaner look, some like the softer, “prettier” look of the old one. I think I like it. Hopefully, it will continue to evolve. I’ve also removed a bunch of ancient sections of the site that just didn’t need to be around anymore. You can still see them in the old layouts though.


So, what’s the story behind your nickname(s)?

The Joy of Urine ®

First look at the Swedish news story (look at caption of the top picture, oh and damn those sophisticated Swedish umlauts!!), and then read the English translation for the actual content. Now whenever you think of Britney you’ll think of this! You can thank me later.