Heh, just testing out the ‘life’ category. Man, it’d be neat if I could actually post something interesting in this section, but I got nothing. Anyway, back to another all-nighter of studying because I procrastinated like a motherfucker – yet again. Only a few weeks left though, and I’m DONE. Maybe I’ll have something after I get out of this rut.

4 Responses to “Life?”

  1. 1 forgo

    Ahh.. yes, done. I better not see you skipping any more classes. You only have like.. uhh.. not many left.

  2. 2 khaos13

    Screw that shit, skip while you can.  It’s your last chance, doing that at work just gets your ass canned.

  3. 3 tinMan

    lol, think of it this way, skip enough classes and you’ll be able to skip classes again next term.

  4. 4 Fox

    ‘but I got nothing’

    Ideas or a life?  Both would be true, but I was just curious…


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