Hey Baby

I really hate that Hey Baby song by No Doubt. It aggravates the piss out of me. I don’t know a single person who likes that song. They all strongly dislike it. And yet, it’s still played on the radio way too much. Please make it stop.

11 Responses to “Hey Baby”

  1. 1 wojo

    Post the MP3 up fool!

  2. 2 Bonesaw

    That song does peeve me off imensely..

  3. 3 tinMan

    i hardly listen to the radio so i no get annoyed. what am i missing?

  4. 4 wojo

    Exactly, and I’m way too lazy to go search for the mp3 myself.

  5. 5 forgo

    Fine fine. I got your stupid song [url=http://www.forgo.net/daily/files/No%20Doubt%20-%20Hey%20Baby.mp3]right here[/url]. Now you can hate it, too.

  6. 6 wojo

    Wait a second…  I was just told that was a re-mix of the song.  I’ve only heard the first few seconds of that mp3 before someone stopped it.  I’m going to wait for the orig song and will get back to ya.

  7. 7 khaos13

    I’m not waiting a half hour for it to download,  I want to be angry now.

  8. 8 forgo

    I believe that that is NOT a remix. But if you say so, then post up the original. The one I put up was recorded from the radio.

  9. 9 tinMan

    wah wah! nothing worse than a bunch of whiney old men.

    hey baby hey baby hey! all the geezers go… wah wah!

  10. 10 wojo

    Okay, after listening to the song I’ll say most of it doesn’t annoying me, but starting at 2:00, uhm, yeah, that’s a little lame 🙂

  11. 11 Fox

    I love you, Forgo.


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