Thawed Chicken

Yeah, so I went to KFC today. There was a delivery truck parked outside. As I walked past the truck to get to the door, the guy comes out of the back with a dolly stacked full of boxes. I see liquid pouring out of the boxes onto the ground as he’s wheeling it into the restaurant. I get a look at the box and it says, among other things, “Poultry.” WTF? The chicken was so unfrozen that thawed chicken juice was flowing out of the boxes. I think that’s just horrible. I did still manage to order and eat a Twister, though.

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  1. 1 jimc

    That chicken should be gone in a day or two.. heh just don’t eat there till monday.

  2. 2 tinMan

    nnooooo!!! don’t you know kfc grows thier own headless chickens!

    p.s. shipwreck = bruce, yes yes? bahahahah, i know who you are but you don’t know me. bahahahaha

  3. 3 snobes

    Headless chicken? I was informed that shit is not even a bird, no feathers or nothing. Simply a processed lump of an unidentified species (dare it be called a species). Still with all the grease and condiments slabbed on it = Finger Lickin’ Good

  4. 4 forgo

    I checked the menu. I don’t think I saw the word "chicken" anywhere on it. Perhaps it is true that they don’t really serve chicken, but instead some poultry hybrid.

  5. 5 tinMan

    hybrid with what?

  6. 6 forgo

    The Colonel?

    But if you go to the [url=]website[/url], it says chicken in quite a few places. Perhaps it is chicken after all? Just straight, plain old chicken.

  7. 7 tinMan

    you mean like, they froze the colonel’s dead carcass, took dna samples which they combined with chicken dna and grew some headless test tube colonekin’s; beat them til they’re bloody and dead then box them up and ship them to your nearest kfc?

  8. 8 forgo

    Yeah, something along those lines. But now it seems it may actually be chicken. Could it be?

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