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Does anyone play paintball? Not sure if we have any extra markers, but if you’re interested in playing on May 4th (and have a marker hopefully), let me know!

Almost there!

One more final to go, then I’m done! Woohoo! It’s funny when I don’t jump on any IM networks for a few days, that everyone thinks I am dead. I had a good reason though, I spent from Thurs to Wed finishing up our Air Hockey playing robot, which was really cool. There were a few reporters at our presentation, but the link above is the only article I’ve found so far… and they misquoted the number of hours as 750 (it’s supposed to be 1750). 😛 I’ll try to get some videos of it playing, bloopers and details of how it was built up on a page soon. Well… I’m going to go take a break. I can’t hear a thing after firing a brother’s friend’s M1. Dang, that ‘ping’ it makes when your clip is empty is damn cool, although I’d probably think otherwise in a confrontation.