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The NEW Rap

See, this is what I would do if I were a rapper. I would start a whole new era in rap. Gangsta Rap is so last decade. It’s going out of style faster than the mustache your friend with a mullet won’t shave off. I’m going to call it Cannabalism Rap! Here’s part of my first song:

Hoe’s Bro
I was gonna eat my hoe,
But first I ate her bro.
I started on his toe,
and finished like a pro.

I ate all of his pecs,
then cut open his chest.
Down went the heart, a lung and liver.
It was a delicious dinner.

Wow, that’s good stuff. I’m getting excited just reading it.


I really don’t understand Slash fan fiction. I just really don’t. I mean why, why, oh please why?! Nooo!!!

Mulder moved his fingers to Skinner’s temples, smoothing over the fine hair. “Show me,” he whispered.

Big hands cupped his cheeks and pulled him in. The kiss was all-consuming. Slow and intense and utterly overwhelming. He felt dizzy with sensation. When their mouths eventually pulled softly apart, Mulder slid breathless to lie against Skinner’s shoulder.

I think I missed that episode.

Why Anna, Why?

I better not catch any of you watching it. I mean, if there’s really not anything better to do than that, then something needs to be reevaluated.


I don’t have much of an opinion on guns and the debate over the possession of them, but this could begin to sway me in one direction over the other. It makes sense, even while being somewhat biased.

For the Love of…

It goes kind of like this:

[02:04] forgoeveryone: I wanted to watch the hockey game tonight.. it started at 8.. so
[02:05] forgoeveryone: I sat down to watch it.. watched the intro stuff.. and it went to commercial.
[02:05] forgoeveryone: Next thing I know, I’m waking up and they’re recapping it.. dammiT!
[02:05] robertwojo: aaaaaaahahhahahaha!
[02:05] robertwojo: hahahahah!
[02:05] forgoeveryone: at least I saw the recap.. :-p
[02:05] robertwojo: aaahahahha

But then I didn’t go to bed until 3:30, so I guess I can’t wonder why I randomly fall asleep throughout the day.


I would consider myself a liker of almost all music. I’m open to new types and can really listen to and enjoy almost anything. But I haven’t yet come to terms with lowercase sound. It’s like ambient, but taken to the extreme. I’m not sure that it can even be considered music; it’s just an assortment of noises. It’s kind of like buying a CD filled with sound effects. Some people like it though, so it must have some appeal. Maybe it could be useful as background noise to aid concentration while working or perhaps a backdrop sound in a social environment, but never as music in and of itself. I can’t imagine sitting down or riding in the car and just listening to it. It would be like, “Hey Joe, want to listen to this new song about the sounds of chipmunk farts?”


I’m running a race in Mackinac Island in a week and a half. This all came about when Shiprek and I started playing racquetball. We ran into a friend of mine, Xabub, from high school who, before that, I hadn’t seen in quite a while. Then Shiprek and I started running before playing racquetball to get warmed up, and I suppose also because it felt somewhat rewarding. I was enjoying the running, so I began going to the gym on days I wasn’t playing racquetball. I ran into Xabub one of those days (he’s been a runner for quite a while), and we ran a few miles. It was fun. He suggested I run the Crim. To get seeded in the Crim, you have to complete a race (10k minimum?) with an under 8 minute mile average. So now, Xabub and I are going up to Mackinac to run this race. I’ve never run 6.2 miles before. I hadn’t run 5 miles before a few weeks ago. These are my accomplishments thus far: a 5:10 (five minute ten second) mile, 2 miles in under 12 minutes, the fact that I could even run 5 miles. My goal now is 6 miles. Can I do it? Is this interesting?

Wink Wink

Although, I suppose if the little girls were wearing these I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with them.

Stay away from feral beasts!  Well, not all …

I think Iíll remember for future reference that getting too close to animals fighting isn’t a smart idea… gets you a trip to the hospital and shots in the buttocks and arm. Ow.


We went to the DEMF last weekend. It was very fun. We only made it for one of the three days (Saturday). I may write more about it later. I recorded about 3 hours of footage. I plan to compile a video showcasing some of the dancing that I saw while I was there, although the quality and quantity of the dancing was disappointing. Some highlights: meeting strangers from Portland and staying in their hotel room, girls flashing the camera, Juan Atkins closing out Saturday night (although Mike Dearborn was fantastic), a girl coming up to me and saying “You are a very, very attractive man, and I can’t keep my eyes off of you. I just had to tell you that.” :-D, the hotel, the car ride, the warehouse, the Red Bull, etc. etc. Bottom line: it was fun.