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Wink Wink

Although, I suppose if the little girls were wearing these I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with them.

Stay away from feral beasts!  Well, not all …

I think Iíll remember for future reference that getting too close to animals fighting isn’t a smart idea… gets you a trip to the hospital and shots in the buttocks and arm. Ow.


We went to the DEMF last weekend. It was very fun. We only made it for one of the three days (Saturday). I may write more about it later. I recorded about 3 hours of footage. I plan to compile a video showcasing some of the dancing that I saw while I was there, although the quality and quantity of the dancing was disappointing. Some highlights: meeting strangers from Portland and staying in their hotel room, girls flashing the camera, Juan Atkins closing out Saturday night (although Mike Dearborn was fantastic), a girl coming up to me and saying “You are a very, very attractive man, and I can’t keep my eyes off of you. I just had to tell you that.” :-D, the hotel, the car ride, the warehouse, the Red Bull, etc. etc. Bottom line: it was fun.