I’m running a race in Mackinac Island in a week and a half. This all came about when Shiprek and I started playing racquetball. We ran into a friend of mine, Xabub, from high school who, before that, I hadn’t seen in quite a while. Then Shiprek and I started running before playing racquetball to get warmed up, and I suppose also because it felt somewhat rewarding. I was enjoying the running, so I began going to the gym on days I wasn’t playing racquetball. I ran into Xabub one of those days (he’s been a runner for quite a while), and we ran a few miles. It was fun. He suggested I run the Crim. To get seeded in the Crim, you have to complete a race (10k minimum?) with an under 8 minute mile average. So now, Xabub and I are going up to Mackinac to run this race. I’ve never run 6.2 miles before. I hadn’t run 5 miles before a few weeks ago. These are my accomplishments thus far: a 5:10 (five minute ten second) mile, 2 miles in under 12 minutes, the fact that I could even run 5 miles. My goal now is 6 miles. Can I do it? Is this interesting?

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