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World Cup!

Time: 6:49 AM. World Cup finals start any minute! I can’t believe I’m up. Ohh boy, are you excited??


My controller doesn’t vibrate. 🙁 I definitely need a new one.


Okay, the first batch of Midwest Championship videos are up! You can find the link over to the right. I’ll be releasing more in the coming weeks, including much more MvC2 tournament footage, some MvC2 casual play and some CvS2 tournament footage. Enjoy!


You probably thought you were good at Tetris. Well, you’re not. He is. I remember a long time ago when I was little I thought I was really good a tetris. Then I went to some Nintendo convention; maybe a championship of some sort. I only went to watch, but they had these kiosks around with different games. I couldn’t even come CLOSE to the high scores that were up on the Tetris games. It was quite a blow to me.


I read this great article on Kuro5hin, just want to pass it along. It goes through a user’s experiences with Acid, was written very well, and I just found it extraordinarily interesting.


And now in addition to DivX, there’s another reason to buy an Xbox. MAME-X! Arcade emulation on your Xbox. Wow, that Xbox just keeps getting more appealing. I guess there’s also the actual Xbox games? But who needs those.

Save Yourself

Yay! Now I’m not going to Hell!


My footage from the latest Midwest Championships is coming soon. Very soon!


So hard to think, central air conditioner went out in the house, and the window air conditioner in the office is broken as well. So hot… ugh… so very hot being in a makeshift office garage with 7 computers. 🙂 Hopefully my computers don’t crash until I can buy a new unit this evening. I hate you, heat!


Guess what I got in the mail today! Yep, that’s right, my diploma from the University of Michigan! I graduated!!! WOOOHOOOOO!