Archive for June 5th, 2002

So Funny

Triumph is always really funny, but this may be the greatest ever. Triumph the Dog, canine cohort of Conan O’Brien, is at it again, this time mocking nerds waiting in line for ”Episode II.” Watch it at iFilm or download it.


Uh-oh, Mike Tyson hugged a guy. Hopefully, I will be watching the fight, but only because I won’t have to pay the ridiculous $55. And if you’re still interested, you should read this piece about Tyson. It’s long, but I read it all. Here’s a good Tyson quote:

“I pray every day, but I still want to make love with a woman. You know, every now and then I still want to drink. You know, I want to smoke cigarettes every now and then. So am I a bad guy? Because y’all brought these vices to my attention? If anyone cared about Jesus, they wouldn’t make no cigarettes. I think Jesus got high and smoked weed. It wasn’t illegal back then.”

Order Stuff

I’ve been ordering a lot of stuff recently. Here’s a list:

  • 8-Port Switch
  • 7-Port USB Hub
  • Scanner (which hasn’t come yet; it’s still on backorder; can you guess which one it is?)
  • Rounded Drive Cables
  • Maxtor HD (I didn’t order it, but I had one replaced, so it came in the mail, so it counts)
  • 32x12x40 CDRW
  • Some shoes and a pair of boots

I think that’s all. Most of the stuff I bought because there was a good deal (damn you lego and your constant reminders of the forum). I also bought a pair of running shoes and some CDs locally. I’m thinking about ordering a laser printer, also. It’s all so exciting, yet I must be wary of spending too much. Well, if I spent too much already, then do I still need to be wary? Or once you break the barrier, are you free to indulge to your heart’s content? Oh, what to do? Please help me.