Archive for June 6th, 2002


Well Mozilla came out a few days ago, anyone try it? I’ve installed it, and tabbed browsing is pretty cool. Maybe today I’ll switch it to my default browser and see how it goes, but it better be really good or I’ll be right back to IE in a jiffy.


Iíve always found lightning storms very relaxing. For the first few minutes as a storm rolls in I sort of dread it and get into a frenzy unplugging all my electronic gadgets, but once thatís done with Iíll settle down and just watch the storm roll on by. Iíve got an excellent view of everything being on a pretty high hill. In the last few days thereís been three times I just planted myself at the bay windows for two to three hours watching the storm. Iíll actually invite the lightning to hit nearby, hoping Iíll be looking in the right direction at the time and maybe even catch it on camera. I guess Iím just sort of fascinated and put into a serene state by lightning storms. Am I the only one that is soothed by the earth-shattering blistering raw power and chaos that is lightning?