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The Race

We ran that race up at Mackinac Island last weekend. It was a lot of fun. The results are posted. Also, here‘s the route of the race and a map of the entire island. And now more of the story.

After writing a little bit, I realize that not too much of the story is important to what I want to say here. I’ll abbreviate. The race started at 9:30 AM on Saturday. You have to take a ferry over to the island, which we knew. But we didn’t know that the ferry was $16. Once we found that out, we had to alter the plan to not involve 2 ferry rides. We decided to check out of the hotel, grab our bikes and take them to the island with us right then. So, we missed the 8:30 ferry, did all of that stuff, and got on the 9:00 one. We get to the island at 9:20, find a place to put our bikes, get changed and sprint to pick up the stuff we need for the race, which ends up being a 1/4 mile down the road from the start line. As we’re leaving the start line, I hear a guy yell, “2 minutes until we start!” We get all of our stuff and get back to the start line about 6 minutes late, and that’s when our race began. It was a nice run. I still came in under an hour even with those extra 6 minutes. After the race, we biked the trails, but that got a little boring after a while, and we had nothing else to do. We didn’t bring our IDs with us to the island, so we couldn’t get any beer. I know, I know, you must wonder how we managed without beer. It was tough, but we did get fudge and had it packed while we were there, so we had that at least.