Archive for June 12th, 2002

Scooby Doo, What Happened to You?

They took out the drugs. They took out the sex. What did they leave? A family-oriented Scooby Doo movie. I will probably still see it, since Scooby IS a dog, but I’ll probably, by no choice of my own, not allow myself to enjoy it as much. I think I would prefer the movie with all of the more adult stuff left in. Why exactly are they dumbing it down for kids anyway? Does Scooby still have a wide appeal for young ones? I’m probably naive, but it seems the crowd that is attracted to Scooby is a bit older; the people that were kids during the cartoon’s heyday and are now grown up (kind of like with LEGOs) and ready to see a movie made for them. I think I’m wrong, though. Have they ever done such a thing as release two versions of a movie? One for families and one with all the gratuitous sex, drugs and violence?

Where’s the PORN?

I got this ad served to me just now. It’s kind of funny. I think it’s trying to make sure I have PORN on my computer. I imagine they’re selling a product that checks your computer for a continuous, healthy supply of PORN. It rotates the PORN selection for you, so you don’t always have to look at the same stuff. If it detects that you’re running low on new PORN, it will automatically download and categorize some new PORN. This sounds like a great program!

Xbox, meet DivX

Oh my, this is very exciting. Playing DIVX (no, not that DIVX, this DivX) movies on an Xbox may soon be upon us (umm..). That is very cool. My biggest problem with DivX movies is the need to have a computer to watch them (duh). I’ve rigged my workstation up to output to my tv and stuff, but it still is troublesome sometimes. A standalone system that plays DivX files nicely and easily would be wonderful and gets my thumbs up.

May’n Event Videos

I’m posting up the videos from The Final May’n Event which was held May 10th-19th of this year. I only recorded the Tekken portions of the tournament. I plan on releasing all of the footage via the Internet, posting a few up at regular intervals. You can find the videos here or with the link at the right. Enjoy, if you care.