Archive for June 14th, 2002

Questions? Answers.

Next time you have a question, don’t come to me unless you’re willing to pay. If they’re not doing it for free, neither am I.

But seriously, it’s called Google Answers, and it’s a very intriguing idea. I guess it went live a couple of months ago, but I never noticed. Will it work?

And in other Google news, the Google Weblog is very cool, with mention of The Google Dance, some Google History, a Google Toolbar for Mozilla(!) and more. I think I said Google too many times. Hehe.. Google. Say it.

My Porn is Infected

Just when I find a great program to aid my porn viewing, something comes along to ruin it. Porn will never be safe again! I get viruses from having sex, and now I get viruses from.. uh.. taking care of it myself.

TV makes me stupid

Having a TV in the same place that you work is a bad idea! You see, I need to have a TV (hooked up to a computer) for the work I’m doing right now. The mistake I made though was to bring the DirecTV line in here. 😛 I just wasted the last hour or so watching a cheerleading movie, Bring It On at 5 in the morning. It’s a stupid movie, lots of hot cheerleaders but so very stupid, and I’m a little more stupid for watching it.

But it gives me an oppertunity to rant, yay! Is it me or is Kirsten Dunst (she’s the one on the LEFT) a little uhm, how to put this nicely… not so pleasing to look at (especially in Spiderman)? Here is more proof. Maybe she’s just movie ugly or something and looks pretty good in real life, but I doubt it.

Wings, online dating & bird crap

Wings won that cup thing, woohoo!! I guess!

Check out these screenshots from Sony’s online “The Dating Game.” Oh my side hurts! Unfortunately Sony’s site has since been filled with Something Awful goons. Maybe I’ll wait for things to calm down a little bit before I jump on Sony’s site to play around.

Oh, and for the last two days these crows (I think) have been perching on my Cobra crapping all over the doors. These aren’t little white pooplets… they are countless massive white streaks of bird crap all over both doors. I’m sick of cleaning it up! I guess that’s why I have a car cover, but I can’t put it on when my car has dirt on it (from the dirt roads). Isn’t there another way to keep birds off of my car?