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David Cop-a-Feel

Ever wonder what sort of crazy stories porn clerks have to share about you, er, other people? Check it out, some very weird stories.

You’ve Got Money

Are you missing any money? Check this site out and find out. Itís not a scam, I promise! Itís a free search service that queries local state treasury unclaimed property databases for your name, and then lets you print out a form to claim said missing property. I did a search for myself and family members and found my brother in there, but it didnít have an address or location. I’ll send in the form for the hell of it though. Otherís have been way more fortunate though, such as these folks. See if you have something in your name!

Talking on Vacation

I’m off to North Carolina today! I’ll be gone next week. I added more Tekken footage, but the MWC will have to wait until I get back. But I leave you with this:

I’m still on my talking-to-people kick, which I’ll try to bring to NC in full force. Where I used to just nod at people and attempt to move them along as quickly as possible, I now try my damndest to carry on a conversation. And I try to be a good conversationalist. I don’t just nod my head and grunt; and I don’t just pretend to be interested. I put as much effort as I can into thinking about what they’re saying and coming up with intelligent, enjoyable, genuine responses. It’s never fake. It can be very tiring sometimes.

Why do it? Well, it provides great practice at being conversational, which is a practical, useful skill to have in all situations. This is something I’ve always lacked. In a situation when I’m around people I’m not too interested in interacting with, I’m usually very quiet, which is usually a result of me having nothing to say. Why do I have nothing to say? Because I sit there hearing the words, but not listening. I let them pass through my head and right out the other ear. When I realize I’m doing this, I try to focus on what’s being said and place myself in the situation in an attempt to form questions and answers that relate to the topic. I’ve noticed that as I do this more, I more easily enter and become interested in a conversation. I have to force myself less and put forth less effort. I think it all comes down to practice. Just like any other skill, it comes with time. I notice already that I’m getting better. Before long, I’ll take it for granted and only have a faint recollection of the difficulty I used to have.. or at least that’s the plan.

On another note, this is worth the time to glance over. There are some very good points that may make you ask yourself how “nice” you want to be.


Someone keeps leaving goose crap on my car. At least I think it’s goose crap; it’s hard to tell. It’s in a plastic grocery store bag, tied shut and setting there on my trunk. I don’t understand?

Seductive voices

So I just got off the phone ordering a hands-free ear piece for my cell phone (their online store was down) and was totally mesmerized by the voice on the other end. She sounded so very hot, sort of a young raspy/soft/super-sexy/suggestive voice. I was distracted continuously while I was placing the order, trying to imagine what she looks like, heh. I sure am glad we donít have video phones to show us thoughÖ chances are she isnít nearly as hot as my daydreams make her up to be ūüėõ

Stinky Feet

Okay, say you knew someone that had smelly feet. That person would take a shower, wash their feet, but they always seem to get smelly after wearing any footwear. This person isn’t even really wearing socks and shoes this time of year, but rather slippers. What would you suggest for me^H^Hthat person? Is it the feet? the footwear?

They should keep these things secret and surprise us at the end!

NT7, an asteroid detected this month was given a rating of 0.06 on the Palermo scale, the first time this value has ever been positive. What the hell does that mean? Find out.

Oh My Crap

I just can’t believe it. The Michigan legal system is so, so very ignorant. From the very beginning to now, I’ve been told things. Those things are NEVER true. From one person to the next, you’re told the process for doing something. You carry out that process and try to move on to the next step. At the next step, they say, “What?! This is all wrong.” You beg and plead nicely for direction in what to do to remedy the situation. You do those things and now everything is fine! At least according to that person. At the next stop along the way, you’re told things are wrong again. It’s been like this the ENTIRE way. You literally can not place confidence in anything that anyone says with regard to how things work and what needs to be done. It seems you need to double and triple check everything you hear to ensure at least a little of it is correct. I’m so disheartened. I have six months to go.


Yay! I’ve got mail! Yay yay! I put more tournament videos up for the Midwest Championships and the Final May’n Event. Follow the links to the right.


We all know how good Spam is. We all eat it at least a few times per week. We fry it for dinner and slice it up unheated for lunch. It could possibly be the most delicious and convenient processed, canned meat available. But even with all of that did you that it was THIS good.