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Definitely Not Flint

Five of us made a trip out to Lansing on Saturday. We’ve all decided that Flint is hell. If you’re not careful, Flint will convince you that it is just like the rest of the world. It’s not. The nightlife in Flint is horrid. You just won’t find a good place with friendly people. I’m sure you’ll hear more about that later. But on to Lansing…

We decided to hit up The Temple Club. The Ghostly International record release party was making a stop there. The music was cool. The atmosphere was perfect, chilled out and calm for the most part with the occasional upbeat, have-to-go-dance song. It was just right for talking to the ladies. That was the first night that I’ve gone crazy with the approaches in a while. I approached about 10 women. All but 1 responded very warmly (unlike in Flint, dammit).

We invaded a bachelorette party that was in the club. The bride had a shirt with life-savers sewn all over it. For a buck, you got to suck one off. I paid for my suck plus two of the girls in the party. The three of us sucked at the same time. She said she’d send me a picture of it. She’d better.

My strategy for the night. No rehearsed lines. No hesitation. Extreme confidence. I saw a girl, walked up with a blank mind and opened with the magical “hi.” If that’s not the best opener, it’s very close.