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We all know how good Spam is. We all eat it at least a few times per week. We fry it for dinner and slice it up unheated for lunch. It could possibly be the most delicious and convenient processed, canned meat available. But even with all of that did you that it was THIS good.


I thought I’d put my scanner to use by providing you with a taste of my artistic talent. The joke was provided by Xabub a week or so ago on a trip to Detroit. Without him, none of this would have been possible. I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved. *sniff* It’s late. Forgive me.

Ow, The Lemon

I was finishing up with washing the dishes (I have no dishwasher) earlier. Normally, when I finish cleaning them, I drop a Plink in the sink to clean the garbage disposal. A Plink is a little yellow sphere filled with some lemon-smelling cleaner. It’s supposed to clean, deodorize, etc. the disposal. For some bright reason, I thought it might be fun this time to squeeze the ball before I dropped it in. And my tale of idiocy begins…

I reached my hand down towards the drain and squeezed. The skin of the sphere tore open and the fluid inside flew up onto my face and over my shoulder. It smelled very strong. I quickly rinsed my face off, thinking this stuff couldn’t be good for skin. A couple of seconds later, my cheek started burning. And then burning more. I got to the bathroom and started washing my face. It seemed to work as the burning subsided, so I left it at that.

Well, my face is still smells like lemon and it’s still burning. I don’t think I’m worried, but it can’t be too good. Don’t squeeze Plinks!

Oh, and I got my scanner finally(!). I only ordered it 2 months ago.