Archive for July 24th, 2002

Seductive voices

So I just got off the phone ordering a hands-free ear piece for my cell phone (their online store was down) and was totally mesmerized by the voice on the other end. She sounded so very hot, sort of a young raspy/soft/super-sexy/suggestive voice. I was distracted continuously while I was placing the order, trying to imagine what she looks like, heh. I sure am glad we dont have video phones to show us though chances are she isnt nearly as hot as my daydreams make her up to be 😛

Stinky Feet

Okay, say you knew someone that had smelly feet. That person would take a shower, wash their feet, but they always seem to get smelly after wearing any footwear. This person isn’t even really wearing socks and shoes this time of year, but rather slippers. What would you suggest for me^H^Hthat person? Is it the feet? the footwear?

They should keep these things secret and surprise us at the end!

NT7, an asteroid detected this month was given a rating of 0.06 on the Palermo scale, the first time this value has ever been positive. What the hell does that mean? Find out.