Seductive voices

So I just got off the phone ordering a hands-free ear piece for my cell phone (their online store was down) and was totally mesmerized by the voice on the other end. She sounded so very hot, sort of a young raspy/soft/super-sexy/suggestive voice. I was distracted continuously while I was placing the order, trying to imagine what she looks like, heh. I sure am glad we dont have video phones to show us though chances are she isnt nearly as hot as my daydreams make her up to be 😛

6 Responses to “Seductive voices”

  1. 1 tinMan

    you sure you didn’t ‘accidentally’ dial for phone sex, again?

  2. 2 GeekBoy

    My voice is very seksi.

  3. 3 Week-endranger

    😛 Eh, it’s a Jeremy 50-50% there. she could be, she might not be… 😛 That raspiness might be a stuck chicken bone from her 5th dinner or she is hotter than the sun.

  4. 4 forgo

    Wojo, you just need to dream her up now. It’ll be some good practice for you. You can make her look exactly how you want… and then make her do exactly what you want.

    Umm.. this might not make sense to anyone that doesn’t know of our lucid dream adventures.

  5. 5 tinMan

    oh no, it made perfect sense to me.

  6. 6 wojo

    I haven’t had a dream, even a normal dream in a week :-/  I don’t know what’s wrong.  For about 10 days straight I was having these wonderful long exhilarating dreams, enough to where I would write 4 pages a night in my dream journal but not lately.  Hmph.  I wont be having any lucid dreams until I fix that.

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