Stinky Feet

Okay, say you knew someone that had smelly feet. That person would take a shower, wash their feet, but they always seem to get smelly after wearing any footwear. This person isn’t even really wearing socks and shoes this time of year, but rather slippers. What would you suggest for me^H^Hthat person? Is it the feet? the footwear?

2 Responses to “Stinky Feet”

  1. 1 Week-endranger

    Foot Poweder? Maybe baby powder to absorb the moisture. If you ever notice, I rarely go without foot wear. Why? cuz I know they stink to high hell. I am con-open toed shoes. I don’t go bare foot. Human feet stink, keep them covered and make America a better smelling place. 😀 Vote for Me! The anti-foot, pro-american canidate.

  2. 2 forgo

    I think it’s the feet. I know of powder and insoles. I’ve never had a smell problem.. so I can’t really have a preference.

    I know some people with a strong stink about their feet. We don’t allow them to put their feet on the table, which normally isn’t a problem because they often don’t take their shoes off. It must suck, though, to get a new pair of shoes and haved them funked up in a matter of days.

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